: : : In the Time of the Butterflies

In the Time of the Butterflies

===Story=== ''In the Time of the Butterflies'' tells the real-life story of the Mirabal sisters, courageous revolutionaries known covertly as ''las Mariposas'' ("the Butterflies"). The sisters' years of dissent during the Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic led to their eventual murder in 1960, a brutal crime that signaled the beginning of the end for Trujillo. Told through the eyes of Minerva Mirabal (Salma Hayek), the story follows a somewhat predictable plot line as the sisters progress rapidly from naive to idealistic to victimized and on to resolved as they become leaders in an elaborate plot to assassinate the dictator. As with so many biographical depictions on film, even though this one is based on a highly acclaimed novel by Julia Alvarez, the narrative shifts from past to present are clumsy and excessively sepia-toned; the script delivers its life-was-better-before-sequence with little to no grace before quickly connecting the dots of history. Nevertheless, Edward James Olmos, as Trujillo, does a remarkable job of conveying the unique mixture of political intuition and ruthlessness needed to maintain a dictatorship for 30 years, while Hayek delivers a spirited lead performance. ''--Fionn Meade''


Salma HayekMinerva
Edward James OlmosTrujillo
Mia MaestroMate
Demian BichirManolo
Lumi CavazosPatria
Marc AnthonyLio
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.Captain Pena
Fernando BecerrilEnrique Mirabal
Ermahn OspinaJaimito
Raúl MéndezPedrito
Lia ChapmanCarmen

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