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Visually stunning, great choreographed fights and action but disappointingly, not much else.

The good:

- Visually, the film is beautiful
- Great kick ass fight scenes
- Solid performances from Cavill, Hurt and Rourke

The bad:

- Lack of character development
- Poor acting in places
- All of the action you see in the trailer is eighty percent of what you see in the film
- Titans were a huge dissapointment


From watching the trailer for this movie, it pretty much sums up everything it has to offer. From that short preview, condensing the one hour fifty minute film into two minutes, the viewer gets to see that the film looks great visually, has some fast paced action and kick ass fight scenes, a few big names appearing in the film such as John Hurt and Mickey Rourke and last but not least, some very good looking actors. Those ingredients alone would make any movie goer who’s looking for a solid action flick want to go and see the film; I know it got me pumped. However, while the film did delive...