: : : Imagining Argentina
===Story=== 1976. Buenos Aires is haunted by the ongoing disappearances of individuals who dare to take a stand against the dictatorship government. Carlos Rueda, the director of a children's theatre, returns home to find his wife, Cecilia, has been taken away for writing a controversial article in the local paper. Carlos meets with others whose loved ones have disappeared and discovers that he can look into their faces and see the fate of those they love. People flock to him for news of those who have disappeared, but no matter how hard he tries he cannot see where Cecilia is, though he can sense where she has been. Carlos desperately searches for his wife, but he is always one step behind. Meanwhile, Cecilia is planning her own dangerous escape.


Antonio Banderas
Emma Thompson
Rubén Blades
Maria Canals
Leticia Dolera

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