: : : Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny Volume 3 - Sousou's Ambition


With what seems to have been the death of Sonsaku in the previous battle it has called into question Nanyou's position in the Kanto area. Koumei's plans are brought to the forefront and two schools band together to fight a common foe, Kyoshou. Sousou continues to be consumed by the traits of his namesake and when taken completely his friend is the one that pays the price. Destiny continues onwards with no hesistation and when the setting for the Battle of Red Cliffs become certain it seems only an ancient orb can alter the course of fate for those wishing to escape their destinies.

DVD Features

  • Textless Opening and Closing
  • Promotional Video
  • OVA Episodes 5-6


    Angora DebHakufu Sonsaku
    B SimpsonGentoku Ryuubi
    Janet BaywoodUnchou Kan'u
    Jessica CalvelloEkitoku Chouhi
    Rebecca SolerKomei Shokatsuryou, Shimei Ryomou
    Bill RogersGakushuu, Narrator
    Dan GreenMoutoku Sousou
    Ed PaulKoukin Shuuyu
    Georgette TimoneyMyousai Kakuen
    Michele KnotzChou'un Shiryuu
    Syndi SzaboGoei
    Tom WaylandGenjou Kakouton
    Trina HilbeBunwa Kaku
    Wayne GraysonHoukou Kakuka

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