: : : Hunt to Kill
===Story=== Jim Rhodes is one bad ass Border Patrol Agent. He's cut from the same cloth as guys like Schwarzenegger and Stallone. His skill as a survivalist allows him to quickly negotiate terrain that would destroy the average man. When Jim's teenage daughter is kidnapped, he's forced to lead a band of ruthless killers into the wilderness to retrieve their share of a missing heist score. In order to rescue his daughter, Jim must use his unique brand of survival skills to outsmart the kidnappers before it's too late.


Steve AustinJim Rhodes
Eric RobertsLee Davis
Gary DanielsJensen
Marie AvgeropoulosKim Rhodes
Gil BellowsBanks
Emilie UllerupDominika
Michael EklundGeary
Donelly RhodesSheriff Westlake
Michael HoganLawson
Adrian HolmesCrab
Brent StaitWalt

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