: : : House M.D. - Season Five
==Story== Hugh Laurie returns to his Golden Globe®-winning and Primetime Emmy® Award-nominated role as Dr. Gregory House in House: Season Five. House pushes new boundaries in medicine while dealing with emotional chaos as personal and professional boundaries blur in all 24 episodes from the compelling fifth season. ==DVD Features== * House Meets a Milestone: The 100th Episode * Keeping It Real: The Writers and Medical Consultants * Dr. Mom: Cuddy's Storyline * Anatomy of a Teaser * Visitors to the House: Casting Guest Stars


Hugh LaurieDr. Gregory House
Lisa EdelsteinDr. Lisa Cuddy
Omar EppsDr. Eric Foreman
Robert Sean LeonardDr. James Wilson
Jennifer MorrisonDr. Allison Cameron
Jesse SpencerDr. Robert Chase
Peter JacobsonDr. Chris Taub
Kal PennDr. Lawrence Kutner
Olivia WildeDr. 'Thirteen' Hadley
Michael WestonLucas Douglas
Jennifer Crystal FoleyRachel Taub
Breckin MeyerBrandon
Jack ConleySheriff Costello
R. Lee ErmeyColonel John House
Todd LouisoStewart Nozick
Wood HarrisBowman
Natasha Gregson WagnerSandra
Zeljko IvanekJason
Lori PettyJanice Burke
Brad GrunbergIrv
Jimmi SimpsonDaniel Bresson
Mos DefLee
Colleen CampCharlotte
Mary Jo DeschanelJulia
Meat LoafEddie
Anne DudekDr. Amber Volakis
Carl ReinerEugene Schwartz

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