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===Story=== Walter Matthau is in peak form in ''Hopscotch'', a featherweight spy-game comedy in which he plays a CIA agent who's ''way'' smarter than his dimwitted superiors. That's the fantasy part--this amusing cat-and-mouse game is so lopsided that you can't take it seriously. The movie's charm is derived from the sardonic pleasure with which Matthau makes his pursuers look like idiots, after they've targeted him for "termination" for publishing a tell-all memoir about his tenure in "the Company." He's no stool pigeon, however; it's his boss (played with blustery thick-headedness by the great Ned Beatty) who's abusing his power, so Matthau recruits an old lover (Glenda Jackson) to join him in a globetrotting game of clandestine cleverness. Under Ronald Neame's too-casual direction, this is a not-so-wild goose chase, but Matthau and Jackson (reuniting after they had fun making the 1978 comedy ''House Calls'') have an easygoing chemistry that's nicely balanced with Matthau's cantankerous shenanigans. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Available subtitles: English *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono) *New transfer *Video introduction featuring interviews with director Ronald Neame and novelist and screenwriter Brian Garfield *Optional broadcast television audio track for family viewing


Walter MatthauMiles Kendig/James Butler/Mr. Hannaway/Leonard Ross
Glenda JacksonIsobel
Sam WaterstonCutter
Ned BeattyMyerson
Herbert LomYaskov
George BakerWestlake

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