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Dear god. Could this film be any worse? It claims to be the best thing since Shrek, but manages in being only a cheap copy.

The film starts with the basic Red Riding Hood story, but tacks on a backstory of a thief who's been stealing all the recipes from people in the forest. Granny is one of the biggest goodie-makers in the forest, and her grandaughter is her delivery girl. The police of the forest get involved, and Red, the Wolf, the Hunstman and Granny each get a chance to tell their own story. The ending is overly-dramatic (bearing in mind that I usually like overly dramatic), covulated, and just basically the perfect end to such a sucky story. It's also given away far too early.

The animation is horrible. It looks about ten years old and the characters are unnatractive and move unconvincingly.

Red is an annoying, sassy little brat, voiced by Anne Hathaway, who I am getting heartily sick of, frankly. She sings in this, too, and I wish to god she'd just release a CD already and disappear along with all the other annoyingly cliched young stars. Speaking of singing, the songs are badly written, instantly forgettable and annoyingly cutesy. The star studded cast appears to have been used as an excuse not to put any effort in, and is fairly irritating in it's transparancy.

The plot is illogical and full of holes - apparantly having your recipes stolen puts you instantly out of business. Does nobody have a memory? Or a spare copy? Red claims she is known as Red because of the Red hood she wears. Despite the fact that, according to a small flashback, she was known as Red before she wore the hood. Right. Really believable.

The Wolf is a fairly interesting character, and I won't say that the plot isn't imaginative in explaining how the characters got into those final positions (Granny tied up in closet, Wolf in her bed, Red walking through the door, Huntsman leaping through the window) without having anything as it seems. However, the permutations and illogical jumps taken to achieve this are, frankly ridiculous.

All in all, it's mildly amusing if you're under twelve years old. Otherwise, the only point in watching it is to make fun of it.

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