: : : Honeymoon in Vegas
===Story=== Writer-director Andrew Bergman is capable of funny, funny stuff, but this movie runs out of jokes long before it runs out of comic ideas. The result is a series of comedy concepts that never get past the one-liner stage and are distinctly unsatisfying. Still, there is plenty to be amused by in this story of a reluctant bridegroom (Nicolas Cage) who finally agrees to marriage, only to lose his fiancée (Sarah Jessica Parker) in a crooked poker game to a professional gambler (James Caan). The rest of the movie deals with his frantic attempt to get his fiancée back, while coping with a Vegas in the throes of an Elvis-impersonator convention. That's the funniest thing about the whole movie (most notably the team of parachuting Elvises at the end), but even that is drawn out in ways that are more clever than laughter inducing. ''--Marshall Fine''


James CaanTommy Korman
Nicolas CageJack Singer
Sarah Jessica ParkerBetsy/Donna
Pat MoritaMahi Mahi
Johnny WilliamsJohnny Sandwich
John CapodiceSally Molars
Robert CostanzoSidney Tomashefsky
Anne BancroftBea Singer
Peter BoyleChief Orman
Seymour CasselTony Cataracts
Tony ShalhoubBuddy Walker
Bruno MarsLittle Elvis

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