: : : Home for the Holidays
===Story=== Holly Hunter plays a Chicago-based single mom who--on the day before Thanksgiving--loses her job and is informed by her daughter of the latter's intention to surrender her virginity while on a weekend-long affair. If that's not enough, Hunter's character then has to fly to Baltimore to join her fractious family for another difficult Thanksgiving. Robert Downey Jr. is terrifically charming as her prankish, gay brother, and Anne Bancroft and Charles Durning show plenty of comic resilience during the predictably interesting Thanksgiving dinner scene. The script by W.D. Richter (''Brubaker'') avoids the usual clichés in family dramas--the deepest, darkest secret revealed here involves the painfully sweet revelation of a 40-year-old crush. Jodie Foster, directing her second feature, focuses instead on the inevitable softening of old grudges and disappointments with time. This is a wise as well as wonderfully fun movie. ''--Tom Keogh'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Holly HunterClaudia Larson
Robert Downey Jr.Tommy Larson
Anne BancroftAdele Larson
Charles DurningHenry Larson
Dylan McDermottLeo Fish
Geraldine ChaplinAunt Glady
Steve GuttenbergWalter Wedman
Cynthia StevensonJoanne Larson Wedman
Claire DanesKitt Larson
Emily Ann LloydBrittany Lace Wedman
Zack DuhameWalter Wedman Jr.
Austin PendletonPeter Arnold
David StrathairnRussell Terziak

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