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Kevin Bacon's ass


Imagine a new film where the main character becomes invisible. Now imagine this film as seen through the eyes of a teenage boy. The result is Hollow Man, a great looking film with eye-popping special effects and a juvenile script. Invisibility is a fascinating subject, and Hollow Man tries sporadically to examine its psychological effect, but does not quite succeed. The invisible man this time is Kevin Bacon, a brilliant but arrogant scientist. Caine and his team successfully concocted a formula that renders subjects invisible, but a second formula that makes them visible again is eluding their grasp. When they do discover the latter, Caine is eager and volunteers himself as the first human experiment.

Here, it is just a spiffy lab underneath a run-down warehouse. The redeeming factor in Hollow Man is the special effects. Thanks to Scott Anderson and Imageworks, Caine miraculously disappears in front of his coworkers' eyes, one layer at a time. It is an eerie sight, watching his skin, then muscles, blood vessels, organs, and lungs slowly disappear, leaving the impression of his body on a bed. The only way anyone can see Caine is with the use special goggles that can detect heat. Later, he dons a latex mask with eyeholes. Look into the holes and all anyone sees is the back of the latex mask. When Caine passes through smoke or splashes water on his face, and eerie likeness appears, and it actually resembles Bacon. What most filmmakers seem to forget is that special effects cannot always save a movie from a bad script.

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