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===Story=== Fans of author Louis Sachar's book ''Holes'' will be delighted with this scrupulously faithful adaptation. After being wrongly found guilty of stealing a pair of sneakers, Stanley Yelnats (Shia LaBeouf) gets sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile correctional facility in the bed of a long-gone dry Texas lake. There--under the watchful eye of overseer Mr. Sir (a zesty Jon Voight), sneakily mean therapist Dr. Pendanski (Tim Blake Nelson, ''O Brother Where Art Thou?''), and the cool and cruel Warden (Sigourney Weaver)--Stanley and dozens of other delinquents are forced to dig an endless series of holes that the Warden hopes will lead her to a precious secret left behind by a long-dead female outlaw (Patricia Arquette). Sachar's book is beloved for its vivid characters and suspenseful plot; by sticking close to its source, ''Holes'' has become a dynamic, exciting, and surprisingly touching movie. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== * Six deleted scenes * Cast commentary with Shia LaBeouf, Khleo Thomas, Jake M. Smith, and Max Kasch * "Dig It" music video performed by the cast * "On the Set with Louis Sachar" * "The Making of Holes" featurette * Filmmakers' commentary with director Andrew Davis and author/screenwriter Louis Sachar


Sigourney WeaverWarden Walker
Jon Voight'Mr. Sir'
Tim Blake NelsonDr. Pendanski
Shia LaBeoufStanley Yelnats IV
Dulé HillSam the Onion Man
Jake M. Smith'Squid'
Byron Cotton'Armpit'
Khleo Thomas'Zero'
Brenden Jefferson'X-Ray'
Miguel Castro'Magnet'
Max Kasch'Zigzag'
Noah Poletiek'Twitch'
Zane Holtz'Barfbag'
Steven KozlowskiLump
Siobhan FallonStanley's Mom
Henry WinklerStanley Yelnats III
Eartha KittMadame Zeroni
Damien LuvaraElya Yelnats
Ken DavitianIgor Barkov
Patricia ArquetteMiss Kathryn 'Kissin' Kate' Barlow

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