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His And Her Circumstances 2

===Story=== Happiness could be a fleeting thing for our two new high school sweethearts Yukino and Arima. With their hearts flying high, the couple has been spending a lot of time together. Finally the public masks of perfection that they've both maintained for so long are beginning to fall, but so are their grades. When the latest round of scores is posed, Yukino is mortified to discover that she's slipped all the way to 13th! She's not the only one that's angry-so are her teachers. When Yukino and Arima are dragged before their guidance counselors to explain their poor grades, the administration is determined that the pair stop seeing each other. Could this mean the end of their newfound love forever? Episodes 7-11 ===DVD Features=== •Production Information •Translation Notes •Character Biographies •"Soft" Subtitles for Signs and On-Screen Text •Scene Access


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