: : : Highlander - Endgame
===Story=== Despite a typically haphazard plot, ''Highlander: Endgame'' is a marked improvement over previous sequels. This is the "torch-passing" chapter, in which the Immortal Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) passes his life force to his heroic brother, Duncan (Adrian Paul, star of the 1993-96 ''Highlander'' TV series). These appealing stars make a fine onscreen duo, and Paul is a terrific choice to keep the franchise alive--strikingly handsome but possessing enough gravitas to make the prospect of future sequels unexpectedly promising. The movie is incoherent to the uninitiated, but established fans will be reasonably impressed by ''Endgame'''s cagey mix of romance, swordplay, and history-spanning action. While the movie's chaotic construction is regrettable, the frequent battles (including dazzling work by Honk Kong action star Donnie Yen) are adequately impressive, and Douglas Milsome--cinematographer of Stanley Kubrick's ''Full Metal Jacket''--ensures that every scene is strikingly photographed. All in all, ''Highlander: Endgame'' is surprisingly worthwhile. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Adrian PaulDuncan MacLeod
Christopher LambertConnor MacLeod
Bruce PayneJacob Kell
Donnie YenJin Ke
Peter WingfieldMethos
Damon DashCarlos
Beatie EdneyHeather MacLeod
Sheila GishRachel Ellenstein
Oris ErhueroWinston
Ian Paul CassidyCracker Bob
Adam CopelandLachlan

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