: : : Heaven Can Wait
===Story=== A gung-ho and merciful angel (Buck Henry) pulls Joe Pendleton (Beatty), a football star, out of his body before his time, forcing the higher powers to come up with a substitute host. Joe settles on a vicious multimillionaire whose wife and partner are trying to kill him. Light, breezy, with not a mean bone in its body, ''Heaven'' is based on the 1941 film ''Here Comes Mr. Jordan''. Beatty is wonderfully daft and innocent as Joe, Jack Warden is on top of his form as Joe's trainer Corky, and Julie Christie appears to be playing a diaphanous summer dress. Great comic relief is provided by Dyan Cannon, Charles Grodin, and the notion that the 1978 Los Angeles Rams could go to the Superbowl. ''--Keith Simanton'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Warren BeattyJoe Pendleton
Julie ChristieBetty Logan
James MasonMr. Jordan
Jack WardenMax Corkle
Charles GrodinTony Abbott
Dyan CannonJulia Farnsworth
Buck HenryThe Escort
Vincent GardeniaKrim
Joseph MaherSisk

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