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===Story=== Chris Rock writes, directs, and stars in the sassy political comedy ''Head of State'', about Mays Gilliam, a black man who's chosen by the leaders of an unspecificed party to run for president after their previous candidates die in a plan crash. Though he initially follows his handler's instructions, Gilliam soon starts handling speeches in his own brazen, outspoken way, which starts to turn the tide--which upsets the party leaders who chose him, since they expected him to lose. While ''Head of State'' doesn't quite have the razor wit that Rock wields in his stand-up routine, it has a sharper edge than just about any other political satire in recent memory. Rock bursts with charisma, and his supporting cast (including Lynn Whitfield, Dylan Baker, Robin Givens, and especially Bernie Mac as Gilliam's brother and running mate) provide solid comic support. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Dolby *Full Screen


Chris RockMays Gilliam
Bernie MacMitch Gilliam
Dylan BakerMartin Geller
Nick SearcyBrian Lewis
Lynn WhitfieldDebra Lassiter
Robin GivensKim
Tamala JonesLisa Clark
James RebhornSenator Bill Arnot
Keith DavidBernard Cooper
Tracy MorganMeat Man
Stephanie MarchNikki
Jude CiccolellaMr. Earl
Nate DoggHimself
Ned EisenbergMike Blake
Patrice O'NealWarren
Funkmaster FlexInaugural Ball Announcer
Brian JamesRoad Dogg
Jeff JarrettHimself
Ron KillingsRon 'The Truth' Killings

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