: : : Hating Alison Ashley


Erica Yurken's life sucks: her family is an embarrassment, her acting genius is unrecognized and because of her name, she is nicknamed `Yuk'. So from the moment the perfect Alison Ashley arrives at school, Yuk knows there is going to be trouble. Yuk has always felt superior to everyone at Barringa East, but Alison is everything Yuk has ever wanted to be. Will they become best friends, or bitter rivals?


Saskia BurmeisterErica Yurken
Delta GoodremAlison Ashley
Tracy MannMum
Richard CarterLennie
Rachael CarpaniValjoy Yurken
Abigail GudgeonJedda Yurken
Anthony CleaveHarley Yurken
Jean KittsonMiss Belmont
Alex CapelliBarry Hollis
Craig McLachlanJeff Kennard
Holly MyersMiss Lattimore
Babs McMillanMrs. Orlando
William Ten EyckMr. Cheale
Frank BrenMr. Nicholson
Katie FitchettMargeart Collins
Maria AngelicoSophie
Leah de NieseChrystal
Noosha D'CruzeNicole
André de VannyTom
Brooke TomlinsonVicky
Rachel Jessica TanSarah
Mark BenedictoMuzza
Fabio MottaOscar
Jonathan BurtonChook
Melena BennettViva
Rosie DwyerRosie
Damien BodieDamo
Raphael BrousekRalph
Justin FenechJustin
Sabina FaubelSabina
Lucy GouldLucy
Ashleigh McInnesAshleigh
Amber BrousekAmber
Sarah OvSara
Jason OliveJase
James SorensenJames
Jessica ZeltnerJess
Lavinia BrousekVini
Dawn KlingbergMiss Anastasia Wallace
Lambert SappletonBuzzy Bob
Annie HumashMrs. Adams

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