Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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An Enchanting Movie!

The good:

  • Great Soundtrack
  • More Comedy
  • Entertaining Storyline

    The bad:

  • Bad Job of Explaining Certain Details


    Most fans of the Harry Potter universe will agree that the year and a half wait between the Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban movies was worthwhile.

    Under the direction of Alfonso Cuaron, Prisoner of Azkaban showed viewers just how good a Potter movie could be. Along with great acting from the three main characters, Azkaban brings more humor and cool special effects to the screen.

    It's definitely the best Potter movie to date, but I do have one complaint. We certainly can't expect Warner Brothers to include every detail from the book in the movie, but they left out a few key parts ...

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    Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (PoA) has blown Harry Potter fans away. After endless waiting, the movie came out, and brang a very good rating with it too.

    The new Director is one of the main reasons why this movie got such a high rating. Alfonzo Cuarón was thought to be a downfall of the Harry Potter films, but he proved that he was a great rise in the fame of the series. The whole movie was directed in a much better way than Christopher Columbus had done in the first two films, and because of Alfonzo, the Harry Potter films finaly had humor, which attracted more than just HP fans...


    Best Potter yet!


    Since I have read all the books, own the other two movies on DVD and game of this one, I wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie. I was hoping it would not disappoint me as the other two had. The movie did just the oppisite. I was entertained by this one and impressied with how the story for this one was much darker then the first two.

    The story followed greatly the way the book did and how it turned out. Some things were out of place, including the part in which Harry got the firebolt from Sirius. Most of the story went with the book, which I am glad to see.

    The Hippogri...


    HP & The POA

    The good:

    Effects, Acting, Directing

    The bad:

    A few parts missing


    Harry Potter.

    A title most of us have heard of, experienced, watched, listened to. Harry Potter has become really popular, since the release of it's first book, HP & the Philosopher's Stone.

    But this movie resides above the others. With a new director, Alfonso Cuaron, the movie digs deeper into the stories of Hogwarts, and of harry's past. IT also has a lot of darker moments, with things like the Dementors and the Shrieking Shack. We also get to see Hippogriffs! The brand new creatures that live at Hogwarts.

    This movie had GREAT effects and acting. The actors have all grown up a lot, and have ...