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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

===Story=== Harry Potter, now 14, has only two more weeks with his Muggle relatives before returning to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yet one night a vision harrowing enough to make his lightning-bolt-shaped scar burn has Harry on edge and contacting his godfather-in-hiding, Sirius Black. Happily, the prospect of attending the season's premier sporting event, the Quidditch World Cup, is enough to make Harry momentarily forget that Lord Voldemort and his sinister familiars--the Death Eaters--are out for murder. ===DVD Features=== *Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo), Spanish (Dolby Digital 5.1) *Additional scenes *Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson interview *Conversations with the cast and crew *Harry vs. the Horntail: The First Task *In Too Deep: The Second Task *The Maze: The Third Task *Meet the Champions *He Who Must Not Be Named *Preparing for the Yule Ball *Triwizard Tournament Challenges: Dragon, Lake, Maze, plus To the Graveyard and Back Challenge *Triwizard Tournament and Voldemort features *DVD-ROM features: EA Game Demo, Magical Trading Cards, Hogwarts Timeline, Web Interactivity


Eric SykesFrank bryce
Timothy SpallWormtail (Peter Pettigrew)
David TennantBartemius 'Barty' Crouch Junior
Daniel RadcliffeHarry Potter
Emma WatsonHermione Granger
Rupert GrantRon Weasley
Mark WilliamsArthur Weasley
James PhelpsFred Weasley
Oliver PhelpsGeorge Weasley
Bonnie WrightGinny Weasley
Jeff RawleAmos Diggory
Robert PattinsonCedric Diggory
Jason IssacsLucius Malfoy
Tom FeltonDraco Malfoy
Sanislav IanevskiViktor Krum
Robert HardyCornelius Fudge
Philip RhamDeath Eater
Olivia HigginbottomDeath Eater
Ashley ArtusDeath Eater
Alex PalmerDeath Eater
Paschal FrielDeath Eater
Richard RossonDeath Eater (as Richard Rosson 'Rubber Ritchie')
Roger Lloyd-PackBartemius 'Barty' Crouch (as Roger Lloyd Pack)
Sheila AllenMinistry Witch
Su ElliotMinistry Witch
Anne LacyMinistry Witch
Flip WebsterMinistry Witch
David SterneMinistry Wizard
Christopher WhittinghamMinistry Wizard
Liam McKennaMinistry Wizard
Campbell GrahamMinistry Wizard
Margery MasonFood Trolley Lady
Katie LeungCho Chang
Matthew LewisNeville Longbottom
Robbie ColtraneRubeus Hagrid
William MellingNigel
Michael GambonAlbus Dumbledore
David BradleyArgus Filch
Devon MurraySeamus Finnigan
Afshan AzadPadma Patil
Warwick DavisFilius Flitwick
Frances de la TourMadame Olympe Maxime
Shefali ChowdhuryParvati Patil
Angelica MandyGabrielle Delacour
Clémence PoésyFleur Delacour
Maggie SmithMinerva McGonagall
Alan RickmanSeverus Snape
Predrag BjelacIgor Karkaroff (as Pedja Bjelac)
Tolga SaferKarkaroff's Aide
Brendan GleesonProfessor Alastor 'MadEye' Moody
Alfie EnochDean Thomas
Louis DoyleErnie MacMillan
Jamie WaylettVincent Crabbe
Josh HerdmanGregory Goyle
Charlotte SkeochHannah Abbott
Miranda RichardsonRita Skeeter
Robert WilfortPhotographer
Gary OldmanSirius Black
Tiana BenjaminAngelina Johnson
Henry Lloyd-HughesRoger Davies (as Henry Lloyd Hughes)
Jarvis CockerBand Lead Singer
Jonny GreenwoodBand Lead Guitar
Phil SelwayBand Drums (as Philip Selway)
Steve mackeyBand Bass Guitar
Jason BuckleBand Rhythm Guitar
Steve ClaydonBand Keyboards
Shirley HendersonMoaning Myrtle
Alan WattsAssistant Judge
Ralph FiennesLord Voldemort
Adrian RawlinsJames Potter
Geraldine SomervilleLily Potter

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Grayson and 232 others own Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Grayson and 168 others watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
May 27, 13 11:09am
imo not as good as the previous movies but had a very good ending to it 8/10 HarryPotterandTheGobletOfFire
walnuts blogged
Mar 29, 12 3:42am

Well, due to a very good friend of mine, I'm actually in a fair bit of a Harry Potter mood at the moment. I'm the first to admit that I'm no fanboy about it, but, well, I did grow up with it, and I loved it to pieces. Anyway, it's inspired me to sit down and read the books again. Alas, but there is one problem with that: I don't have all of the books! I've got the first 3-4, but my older sister used to buy the books, and thus took them with her when she moved out. I'll have to coax her to let me borrow them at some point. Meanwhile, I'm on the hunt for a really awesome set that I can buy and display on my bookshelf. My first preference would be an awesome, leatherbound set, but after much searching I don't believe it exists, or if it does in VERY limited quantities. Alas, I shall keep searching, but one day I'll treat myself and buy the whole collection. No prizes for guessing who my favourite character is. The Potions Master himself, Professor Snape. Too awesome for words, and Alan Rickman nailed the depiction perfectly in the movies.

My day was pretty standard today, just some work and plodding through the motions. However, soon to change as I dive headlong in to the exam timetable for Term 2. It never stops.

Also saw that the new Transformers game Fall of Cybertron released a new trailer today. Looks awesome as always:

Such a crying shame that it isn't being released on the PC, but them's the breaks! I'll see if I can catch the story on Youtube once it's released.

Anyway, on a closing note I've got myself a new favourite shirt. I've technically had this shirt for a while, but I've finally slimmed down enough to a point where it doesn't look ridiculous on me:

Looks and feels awesome :>!

gaming related books movies musingsthoughts harry potter transformers darth vader
Jun 26, 11 11:16am
It was very had 2 beat you-know-who (lord volement) but finally i done it on Saturday 25th of June 2001 (25/6/2011? @ (at) 2.45 pm UK Time HarryPotterandTheGobletOfFire
Jun 26, 11 11:14am
it was very had 2 beat you-know-who (lord volement) HarryPotterandTheGobletOfFire
Black Pikmin123
Aug 5, 10 5:11pm
Jul 23, 10 1:53pm
I got it for free, ok?! >.<
Feb 20, 10 8:00am
Better than the film! Cedric, why!?
Feb 20, 10 7:43am
Great film! Love the dragon fight! Poor Cedric x
Triforce of Wisdom
Feb 16, 10 1:38pm
Another of my favorites. Long, yes, but I couldn't put it down.
Feb 6, 10 10:21am
It's amazing how specific you have to be when typing these things here.
Nov 29, 09 7:47am
Can't beat the battle against Voldemort.
Nov 17, 09 11:39am
don't like it -_-
The Shadow
Oct 20, 09 2:34pm
Didn't like it. In fact I hated it. Way to childish.
full game alchemist
Aug 8, 09 7:36pm
triwizard cup.
Miss Razz
Jul 15, 09 6:59pm
added 4 new screenshots
Jul 14, 09 12:14pm
Great effects! Wow R Pattz looks the same and different.
Jul 12, 09 3:55pm
Sad, sad, sad. I could shed so many tears over this movie...
elder rose
Jun 28, 09 4:26pm
book was wayyyyyy better
  • Genre: Fantasy Movies
  • Theme(s): Fantasy, Family
  • Director: Mike Newell
  • Producer: Warner Brothers
  • Length: 157 min
  • Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaNov 12, 2005
    EuropeNov 6, 2005
    JapanNov 26, 2005
    AustraliaNov 16, 2005
  • Ratings
    North AmericaPG-13
  • Blu-ray Release
    North AmericaDec 11, 2007
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaMar 7, 2006
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