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===Story=== Since the release of ''Halo: Combat Evolved'' in 2001, the Halo series has exploded in popularity, including several sequels on both the XBox and XBox 360 and multiple novelizations. Now, ''Halo Legends'' marks the premeire of the series in an anime film featuring seven separate segments along with several familiar and well-known names from the Halo Universe. "The Babysitter" follows a squad of four Helljumpers on a mission to eliminate a Prophet behind enemy lines. "The Duel" follows an Arbiter named Fel that does not want to follow the religion of The Covenant. "The Package" follows another group of Spartans on a mission to retrieve a package that is of significant importance. "Origins" is where the AI of Cortana muses her existence, telling the story of how the Halo Arrays came to be amongst other significant events. "Homecoming" focuses on the tragedies involving the recruitment of SPARTAN-II in the year 2517 and the SPARTANs coming to terms with their origins. "Prototype" follows the Marine leader of Hades Squad nicknamed 'Ghost,' whose task is to execute the Cole protocol-destroying any and all sensitive materials and information during UNSC retreats to keep them from falling into the hand of the Covenant. Lastly, there's "Odd One Out," which is a parody of the Halo Universe that you won't see anywhere else. ===DVD Features===


James FaulknerONI Officer (segment "The Babysitter") (voice)
Andy McAvinBoatman (segment "The Duel") (voice)
Emily NevesSpartan (segment "The Babysitter") (voice)
Deke Anderson1337 (segment "Odd One Out") (voice)
David WaldMaster Chief (segments "The Package" and "Origins") (voice)
Luci ChristianFemale Soldier (segment "Prototype") (voice)
Shelly Calene-BlackDr. Halsey (segments "The Package" and "Homecoming") (voice)
David MatrangaJoseph (segment "Homecoming) (voice)
Chris PattonDispatcher (segment "Homecoming" (voice) (as Christopher Patton)
Greg AyresKid A (segment "Odd One Out") (voice)
Akio ÔtsukaONI Commander (segment "Prototype") (voice: Japanese version)
Brittney KarbowskiSister (segment "Odd One Out") (voice)
Atsuko TanakaDr. Halsey (segment "The Package") (voice: Japanese version)
Ai MaedaCortana (segment "Odd One Out) (voice: Japanese version)
Tomokazu SekiBrother (segment "Odd One Out") (voice: Japanese version)
John GremillionFal (segment "The Duel") (voice)
Kazuhiko InoueThe Prophet (segment "The Duel") (voice: Japanese version)
Chris AyresSoldier (segment "Prototype") (voice)
Keiji FujiwaraSarge (segment "Prototype") (voice: Japanese version)
Houko KuwashimaDaisy (segment "Homecoming") (voice: Japanese version)
Kikuko InoueHan (segment "The Duel") (voice: Japanese version)
Mamiko NotoSpartan (segment "The Babysitter) (voice: Japanese version)
Josh GrelleHaka (segment "The Duel") (voice)
Carli MosierGir (segment "Odd One Out") (voice)
Justin DoranSoldier (segment "Prototype) (voice)
Masashi EbaraCaptain (segment "The Package) (voice)
Chris HutchisonONI Commander (segment "Prototype) (voice)
Andrew LoveFred (segment "The Package") (voice)
Melissa DavisHan (segment "The Duel") (voice)
Kenta MiyakeSergeant Hauser (segment "Homecoming") (voice: Japanese version)
Leraldo AnzalduaSoldier (segment "Prototype") (voice)
Hiroki TouchiFal (segment "The Duel") (voice: Japanese version)
Kalob MartinezCortez (segment "The Babysitter") (voice)
Susumu ChibaCortez (segment "The Babysitter") (voice: Japanese version)
Yasunori MatsumotoCaptain (segment "Odd One Out") (voice: Japanese version)
Rob MungleSoldier (segment "Prototype") (voice: Japanese version)
Mika DoiMama (segment "Odd One Out") (voice: Japanese version)
Ryûzaburô ÔtomoHaka (segment "The Duel") (voice: Japanese version)
Takako HondaDoctor Halsey (segment "Homecoming") (voice: Japanese version)
Yasuyuki KaseRalph (segment "Homecoming") (voice: Japanese version)
Tomoko KanedaLAN (segment "Odd One Out") (voice: Japanese version)
Atsushi AbeJoseph (segment "Homecoming") (voice: Japanese version)
Mark LaskowskiTeenage boy (segment "Homecoming") (voice)
Reiko KiuchiSAP (segment "Odd One Out") (voice: Japanese version)
Sendai EriPOM (segment "Odd One Out") (voice: Japanese version)
Marty FleckNarrator (segment "Homecoming") (voice)
Satomi SatoGrunts (segment "The Duel") (voice: Japanese version)
Kenji TakahashiMarine 1 (segment "Homecoming") (voice: Japanese version)
Masafumi KimuraSoldier (segment "Prototype") (voice: Japanese version)
Blake ShepardO'Brien (segment "The Babysitter") (voice)
Yumi ToumaCortana (segment "Origins") (voice: Japanese version)
Takashi OharaMarine 2 (segment "Homecoming") (voice: Japanese version)
Hiromu MiyazakiSoldiers (segment "The Duel") (voice: Japanese version)
Takahiko SakagumaSoldier (segment "Prototype") (voice: Japanese version)
Keiji HiraiBoatman (segment "The Duel") (voice: Japanese version)
Mark AdleyCheckman (segment "The Babysitter") (voice)
Hajime IijimaDutch (segment "The Babysitter) (voice: Japanese version)
Taketoshi KawanoSoldier (segment "Prototype") (voice: Japanese version)
Yui ShojiSuit Composier Tone (segment "Prototype") (voice: Japanese version)
Atsuki TaniMaster Chief (segment "Odd One Out") (voice: Japanese version)
Kenji AkabaneSoldiers (segment "The Duel) (voice: Japanese version)
George ManleyBerger (segment "The Babysitter") (voice)
Ao TakahashiFemale Soldier (segment "Prototype") (voice: Japanese version)
Tomo ShigematsuO'Brien (segment "The Babysitter") (voice: Japanese version)
Motoyuki KawaharaSoldier (segment "Prototype) (voice: Japanese version)

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