Halloween - Resurrection review
When do the stupid sequels ever stop?

The good:

-At least Mike Myers looks real

The bad:

-Read review below


It's always amusing these days trying to find actual horror in horror movies. It's even funnier watching in desperation how aging properties claw for relevance in a time when Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, and here, Michael Myers all seem, well, quaint. Halloween: Resurrection does this by grasping on to current trends in pathetic fashion. It is actually two movies, a short, tacked on coda to Halloween: H2O, and then the actual movie, which borrows elements from The Blair Witch Project, The Haunting, CBS's Big Brother and reality shows in general, and other fads that will soon die and date the movie once is disappears from theaters. The fact that combined, the two parts of Halloween: Resurrection come to less than ninety minutes shows how much the film is lacking in story and everything else.

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