: : : .hack//Legend of the Twilight - Endgame (Vol. 3)

.hack//Legend of the Twilight - Endgame (Vol. 3)

===Story=== With Shugo a wanted man, Rena has a hard time contacting the errant character. Trapped and cut off from the world, Rena attempts to make sense of her exile, and draws on the information given to her from a surprise visit by a stranger. The game they're all involved in is thrown into further confusion when a wandering character called Morti attempts to destroy the world they all inhabit! Continuing the .HACK//SIGN series, this is a popular anime tale that has won over a solid following on the Cartoon Network. ===DVD Features=== * Textless Opening * Textless Ending * Character Art Gallery * Video Game Trailer


Lia Sargent
Sandy Fox
Allison Keith
Crispin Freeman

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8.0 / 10
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