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===Story=== Season one of Gundam Wing is where everything begins. Mankind has moved into space, and thousands live on giant space colonies. However, the Earth Government which rules the colonies is unjust. A group of revolutionaries build five mecha called Gundams, and plan to send them to Earth. This begins the fight for independence. These Gundams, piloted by five young men, are the hopes of the colonists. Now they go to Earth to begin 'Operation Meteor'. War looks like it can't be avoided, so Minister Darlian and his daughter travel to the colonies to try one last time for peace. Here, at a terrible cost, Relena learns of her true past. By this point, OZ has decided to strike back. The Gundams have been defeated, and the pilots don't have a chance with the colonies being used as shields. The action continues in season two. ===DVD Features=== - Dolby Digital Stereo-Japanese/English - Aspect Ratio - 4:3 - Interactive Menu - Textless Opening - Trailers - Scene Select - Color Screen Printed Disk - Textless Ending - Character Profile Gallery - Gundam Profile Gallery - Bandai Previews ===VHS Features=== None.


David S. Ward
Paul Dobson
Ward Perry
Mark Hildreth
Scott McNeil
Kirby Morrow
ted Cole
Enuka Okuma

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