===Story=== A young boy named Owen learns the startling truth about dogs: They're actually from outer space, sent here to rule mankind. A canine agent from the star Sirius (voiced by Matthew Broderick) gets rescued from the pound by Owen (Liam Aiken) and named Hubble. As Hubble desperately tries to train a motley crew of dogs from Owen's neighborhood to behave like conquerors before the Greater Dane arrives and decides the planet's fate, the outer space pooch slowly bonds with Owen and discovers why dogs may have joined forces with humans instead of dominating them. ''Good Boy!'' will charm dog lovers in particular, but the movie has enough clever touches to engage most viewers, and it manages a sweet tone without turning cloyingly saccharine. Featuring the voices of Carl Reiner, Brittany Murphy, Delta Burke, Donald Faison, and--of all people--Vanessa Redgrave as the Greater Dane. ''--Bret Fetzer''


Molly ShannonMrs. Baker
Liam AikenOwen Baker
Kevin NealonMr. Baker
George TouliatosMr. Leone
Patti AllanMs. Ryan
Matthew BroderickHubble
Delta BurkeBarbara Ann
Donald FaisonWilson
Cheech MarinThe Greater Dane's Henchman
Brittany MurphyNelly
Vanessa RedgraveThe Greater Dane
Carl ReinerShep

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