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Ginger Snaps 2 - Unleashed

===Story=== This is the sequel to Ginger Snaps(2000.) Brigitte (Emily Perkins), the surviving sister, is on the run from a male werewolf. She is desperately trying to prevent herself from changing into a werewolf, as she was bitten and infected by her sister, Ginger (Katharine Isabelle.) She collapses after injecting herself with a poisonous herbal extract of Wolfsbane/monkshood, and wakes up to find herself trapped in a drug rehab, with no access to the one thing that is keeping her from turning into a monster. ===DVD Features=== None listed for DVD ===VHS Features=== None listed


Emily PerkinsBrigitte
Brendan FletcherJeremy
Katharine IsabelleGinger
Tatiana MaslanyGhost
Janet KidderAlice
Pascale HuttonBeth-Ann
Eric JohnsonTyler
Jake McKinnonThe Beast

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