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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

===Story=== Matthew McConaughey has got the role of sexy, carefree bachelor perfected, and he gives his many admirers just want they want in this romantic comedy from director Mark Waters (MEAN GIRLS). McConaughey stars as Connor Mead, a man who arrives at his brother's wedding only to be reminded of his own romantic past. Jennifer Garner (JUNO) costars as the "one who got away."


Matthew McConaugheyConnor Mead
Jennifer GarnerJenny Perotti
Michael DouglasUncle Wayne
Breckin MeyerPaul
Lacey ChabertSandra
Robert ForsterSergeant Volkom
Anne ArcherVonda Volkom
Emma StoneAllison Vandermeersh
Daniel SunjataBrad
Noureen DeWulfMelanie
Catherine Haena KimCharlece
Noa TishbyKiki
Sam ByrnePete Hastings

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May 03, 09 5:42am

First off, I’d like to say Matthew McConaughey has done yet another great job in his...

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