: : : Ghost Whisperer - The Complete First Season

Ghost Whisperer - The Complete First Season

===Story=== Ever since she was a young girl, Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has been able to see and talk to dead people--earth bound spirits who have yet to cross over to the other side and who seek her help in communicating and resolving unfinished business with the living. Melinda sometimes has a hard time accepting her "gift," especially now that she's a newlywed and looking forward to starting her new life with her husband, Jim Clancy (David Conrad), a paramedic. Her friend and business partner in the antique store, Andrea Moreno (Aisha Tyler), is fascinated by Melinda's talent. Although Melinda embraces her unique "abilities" as a blessing and sometimes a curse, she always helps her clients--alive or dead--find emotional closure. ===DVD Features===
  • Cast & Crew Commentaries
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes


    Jennifer Love HewittMelinda Gordon
    Aisha TylerAndrea Marino
    David ConradJim Clancy
    Wentworth MillerSgt. Paul Adams
    Jon PolitoJoe Grimaldi
    Balthazar GettyMichael
    Allison McDonellVera Adams
    David EigenbergHank Dale
    Christine BaranskiFaith Clancy
    James DuMontSteve Pinkus
    Tom IrwinSteve Harper
    Nate TorrenceWaiter
    Joey SlotnickCliff Aimes
    Rance HowardDirk Abrams
    Richard HerdStephen Devine
    Malcolm BarrettDr. Jules Huffman
    Dan LauriaEllis Conway
    Jay HarringtonMark Powell
    Julio Oscar MechosoGilbert de la Costa
    Reginald VelJohnsonDanny Small
    Katey SagalFrancie Lewis
    Jonathan BanksLyle Chase
    Brett CullenJack Applewhite
    Abigail BreslinSarah Applewhite
    Ann CusackGrace Dowling
    Tom EverettPrincipal Corbett
    Stephen TobolowskyDr. Edward
    Giancarlo EspositoEly
    Aaron PaulLink
    Noah Gray-CabeyJameel Fisher
    Daniel RoebuckAdam Emerson
    Chris EllisGhost Pilot
    Eric LangeDriver
    Henry CzernyMatt Mallinson
    Jon SedaJohn Gregory
    David RamseyWill Bennett

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