: : : Get Backers Vol. 5: Virtual Apocalypse

Get Backers Vol. 5: Virtual Apocalypse

===Story=== They've fought their way through the maze of the Limitless Fortress. They've done battle with old friends and new foes. They've crept closer and closer to the mastermind at the center of all the insanity: Makubex. But can the GetBackers possibly survive the final trials he's got in store for them? Watch as the GetBackers make their final push into Makubex's lair! Ban and Fudou face off for a deathmatch in a Roman coliseum. But can the master of the Jagan win against a half-mad warrior bent on vengeance? Meanwhile Akabane challenges Ginji their deadliest battle yet! And assuming the Lightning Emperor manages to survive his bout with Dr. Jackal, there's a final enemy waiting for him...a boy who can send them all to oblivion with the press of a button.
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