: : : Get Backers Vol.10: Get Back the Future

Get Backers Vol.10: Get Back the Future

===Story=== Himiko's down for the count...Emishi's out of commission... and Shido's not even conscious. The Get Backers have lost nearly half of their team. They've searched every back alley of Lower Town and they're still no closer to finding Makubex than they were when they started. Where can they possibly go from here? How about up! Break into the Beltline with the Get Backers as their drive through the Limitless Fortress rushes toward its conclusion! Kanou tries to bludgeon Ban with his deadly fans, while Kaoru's passion for Ginji explodes into fiery rage. Meanwhile, Uryuu and Juubei face off in a furious battle over an old grudge. Ban and Akabane pair off for a savage showdown. And to save one old friend, Ginji must face another in a final fight between light and lightning. Can the Get Backers defeat the gods of the Limitless Fortress once and for all? Find out in the all-out, action-packed final volume of Get Backers! ===DVD Features=== - The Names of Get Backers and a cast commentary, - Clean opening & closing animation, - ADV previews
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