: : : Get Backers Vol. 3: Into the Limitless Fortress

Get Backers Vol. 3: Into the Limitless Fortress

===Story=== Ban and Ginji teamed up with Shido when the going got tough. They got help from Himiko when she was in a good mood. But what on earth could possibly force them to make nice with...Doctor Jackal?! Only the most dangerous mission the GetBackers have faced to date. And it's gonna take them straight into the heart of the most dangerous location in town: the Limitless Fortress. A mysterious client wants them to recover an object so classified, it can only be called by its initials: IL. To get it back they've got to confront Makubex, the boy genius and a series of nasty minions with every kind of weapon imaginable, from bionic hair to explosive metal threads. Can the GetBackers survive this strange alliance to get back the IL?
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