: : : GaoGaiGar: Volume 5
===Story=== When the brilliant Professor Akiko Hirata develops a Gravity Control System, the Zonders take control of it. To stop them, Gai must be mobilized with the Goldion Hammer. But the Hammer is so powerful, just wielding it is enough to destroy GAOGAIGAR! In response, GGG creates a new AI robot with invulnerable armor, Goldymarg. Booted up with Hyuma's personality as a template, he's just as heroic as the Major and just as likely to ignore his orders and do whatever he wants. But what is Goldymarg's secret transformation that will let GAOGAIGAR use the Goldion Hammer? Meanwhile, in America, Gai's uncle Liger prepares the ultimate weapon and a new breed of AI robots! Episodes 21 - 25
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