: : : GaoGaiGar: Volume 2
===Story=== The AI Robot brothers Houryu and Enryu have successfully completed System Change and sortied alongside GaoGaiGar. The fiery, brash Houryu and the cold, cautious Enryu have opposite personalities. Will they be able to unite their purpose long enough to combine using Symmetrical Docking? If they can't, they won't be able to save GaoGaiGar, who is on a mission to rescue Mamoru from the depths of the ocean. Gai is fighting a giant Zonder robot 10,000 meters under sea level, but his protective Arresting Field has failed. Can bravery fight against 1,000 Kg of pressure per square centimeter? Includes the shadowy first appearance of the intelligence analysis AI Robot, Volfogg! Contains Episodes 6-10 ===DVD Features=== •Textless Opening 2 •GGG Liner Notes •Gallery
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