: : : Galaxy Angel Vol. 4: Save Room For More

Galaxy Angel Vol. 4: Save Room For More

===Story=== The Angels must always make tough decisions like sacrificing their teammates to save themselves from humiliation or giant destructive dice. Just getting a slice of pizza takes planning a large-scale operation. Poor Vanilla can't walk down the street without comedic hit men trying to make her laugh. They can't even manage a drive through the desert without causing disaster. It may be their job to save the galaxy, but first the Galaxy Angels need to save themselves! And will they find the Lost Technology before the end? The final volume will answer that question...or at least try to. ===DVD Features=== Now I Get It! GA Lectures
Japanese Language Audio
English Subtitles


Yukari Tamura
Ryoko Shintani
Miyuki Sawashiro
Mayumi Yamaguchi
Mika Kanai

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if you want a good time at your house....see this. it will make you laugh and scream!....

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The final volume of the series ends like you might expect it to...not exactly. These...

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