Galaxy Angel Vol 3: Stranded Without Dessert

Galaxy Angel Vol 3: Stranded Without Dessert User ReviewsMovie


Another nutty series!

The good:

its has good storylines and funny endings..i strongly suggest you get this if you are bored or heart-broken. It will cheer you up.(caution: you will get totally adicted to this! lol!)

The bad:

some scenes are a bit boring and you cant wait for it to be done.


its another good series for galaxy angel because ranpha, milfeulle, forte, vanilla, and mint become more nutty!. Its good that the animator of this anime can make people laugh or sense feelings. You can watch this volume because its rated G all the way!. well who cares about the ratings anyway. You can watch this with your date because it's quite romantic and funny at times!


Even funnier than the first two!


The second half of Galaxy Angel begins with this volume, and as crazy as the first half was, it gets even crazier here. It's a lot of fun to watch good dates with robots go terribly bad and also see the Angels try to get out of a monkey-infested space station before they go bananas themselves, among other totally ridiculous predicaments.
The humor continues to be the series' strong point, and there's still plenty to go around here, plus there is also a bit of creativity in the storylines and they don't repeat what's been done already. I would have liked a little bit more action, but it's not...