Galaxy Angel Vol 2: Angels A La Carte


Galaxy Angel Vol 2: Angels A La Carte review
Angels A La Fun!


The second volume of the "Galaxy Angel" series sees the Angel Brigade getting into more mishaps as they continue looking ro the Lost Technology. This time they go so far as to play Bikini baseball to bail their commander out or setting Ranpha up with a date who's actually the bomb...literally! Mixed in with all the usual humor is one nice yet touching episode where Forte tries to help a delinquent youngster clean up his act and make something out of life.
Obviously it's the humor that really stands out again, as some scenes are among the funniest yet in the anime (the scene where Ranpha's date blows up on her and leaves her stunned with a silly pose is extremely hilarious) and the characters' personalities continue to mesh together brilliantly, especially when Vanilla lets her "Ayanami Complex" really come out.
Much like the first volume, this will provide a lot of humor and entertainment and nicely continues the series from Volume 1 left off. I like the "delinquent" episode, which is a brief refreshing change from the main storyline.

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