Galaxy Angel Vol 1: What's Cookin'?


Galaxy Angel Vol 1: What's Cookin'? review
What's Cookin'? A lot of fun!


I was partly drawn to this anime by the manga version and the fact that it seemed to be loosely based on other mecha franchises I'm more familiar with, namely <i>Gundam Wing</i>. What stands out most about this is while there's some good sci-fi action, there's also a lot of humor as well-it's fun watching the heroines get into and out of trouble, especially given their newest member sometimes has extremely good luck. Plus each character has her own unique personality and they all work very well together. The animation is excellent, even making nice use of chibi/SD animation sometimes.<br>A good way to think of this series is to think of it as Gundam Wing only with cute girls instead of "beautiful boys", and enough laughs to keep you entertained for a very long time. Highly recommended if you like this kind of anime.

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