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===Story=== The Tuatha de Danaan is under fire! A U.S. Navy captain with an axe to grind has targeted the sub. In order to stop this modern-day Ahab, Mithril's Lt. Commander Kalinin goes straight to the top. But aboard the de Danaan, the chain of command is missing a few key links. Who is running the ship? While Sousuke and Kurz try to find out, Kaname has to call on every ounce of her power as a Whispered. Will she be able to guide them through these rough waters? Can the three of them restore order before it's too late? Watch as the series reaches its stunning climax! ===DVD Features=== Reversible Cover
Foldout Poster
Production Sketches
Clean Opening and Closing Animations
Japanese Piracy Warnings
ADV Previews


Satsuki Yukino
Tomokazu Seki

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