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The Tuatha de Danaan is under fire! A U.S. Navy captain with an axe to grind has targeted the sub. In order to stop this modern-day Ahab, Mithril's Lt. Commander Kalinin goes straight to the top.

But aboard the de Danaan, the chain of command is missing a few key links. Who is running the ship? While Sousuke and Kurz try to find out, Kaname has to call on every ounce of her power as a Whispered. Will she be able to guide them through these rough waters? Can the three of them restore order before it's too late? Watch as the series reaches its stunning climax!

DVD Features

Reversible Cover
Foldout Poster
Production Sketches
Clean Opening and Closing Animations
Japanese Piracy Warnings
ADV Previews


Satsuki Yukino
Tomokazu Seki

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