: : : Full Metal Panic: Mission 03
===Story=== Episodes 9 to 12 of Koichi Chigira's acclaimed mecha anime series. A young boy flies into a psychotic rage passing through customs, and Mithril flies into action. Is he some sort of brainwashed terrorist or something more dangerous and sinister? Hidden away in Mithril's secret research facility, Captain Testarossa and Lieutenant Commander Kalinin attempt to find out if someone has done experiments to fit the boy for the mysterious Lambda Drive... Suddenly, their research grinds to a halt as an armed group reduces the facility to a burnt-out shell. With Kalinin MIA, Captain Testarossa turns to the only person who can help her. Little do Testarossa and Sergeant Sousuke Sagara know that waiting in the shadows is their biggest enemy yet: something really, really big! ===DVD Features=== Japanese Language, English Language, English Subtitles, Clean opening and closing animations, Japanese piracy warnings, Production Sketches, Reversible cover, Fold-out Poster


Satsuki Yukino
Tomokazu Seki
Akio Ohtsuka
Ikue Kimura

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