: : : Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU Vol. 2

Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU Vol. 2

===Story=== A simple art assignment turns deadly as the entire class gangs up on the mercenary-turned-model. Then, he has to defend Kahame against Yakuza thugs, battle karate masters, escape a chainsaw-wielding janitor, and rein in a super-creepy stalker. And just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, Kaname and Sousuke head to a haunted hospital, where blood-splattered ghosts teach the pair a frightening lesson is deception. Episode 4: The Hamburger Hill Of Art / Single-Minded Stakeout! Episode 5: The Pure Yet Impure Grappler / Trespassing on Good Faith
Episode 6: The Hard Sell Fetish / The Patient Of Darkness ===DVD Features=== Bonta-kun 2005/2006 Calendar
The Mysteries of FUMOFFU
Clean Opening and Closing
Original Japanese Preview
Character Artwork


Satsuki Yukino
Tomoko Kaneda
Tomokazu Seki

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