: : : Friends Forever
===Story=== "We're here to save the world from what rock & roll has become," say the two slacker dudes who comprise the "band" Friends Forever. And, as depicted in this documentary, they've chosen a novel method: drive around in a VW bus, find a parking place, and put on a show for the bemused locals right from the back of their vehicle. Drummer Nate and bassist Josh freely admit that they can barely play; indeed, that's the point, as their "music" consists mainly of sound effects and noise and their performances are filled with sound and fury (and smoke and lights) signifying nothing. Whether filmmaker Ben Wolfinsohn's ''cinema verite'' (sort of) record of the boys' so-called West Coast tour will prove diverting for the home viewer is all a matter of taste; but at least it's different, and at 80 minutes (plus 40 minutes of extra footage), goodness knows there's a lot of it. ''--Sam Graham''


Lloyd Kaufman

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