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===Story=== Although not made as a TV movie of the week, it may as well have been. Molly Ringwald plays an industrious teen headed for college who finds herself pregnant and heading toward disaster in this trite morality play. She pouts and cries a lot; she tries to make everything better. She can't. Things get worse, but she just bounces back. To be fair, this does delve into serious issues. Also, it was produced at a time when most teen movies were either lightweight vehicles by John Hughes or gory slasher flicks. It just feels too contrived, and too glossy, to be taken seriously. This sentiment is underscored when Ringwald and her young hubby seem to be making it as a couple, which is hardly the reality of most teen marriages. ''--Rochelle O'Gorman''


Molly RingwaldDarcy Elliot Bobrucz
Randall BatinkoffStan Bobrucz
Kenneth MarsMr. Bobrucz
Miriam FlynnDonna Elliot
Conchata FerrellMrs. Bobrucz
Sharon BrownLila
Pauly ShoreRetro

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