: : : Fools Rush In
===Story=== Opposites attract in this conventional but refreshingly unpredictable romantic comedy. New York nightclub designer (Matthew Perry, from television's ''Friends'') is in Las Vegas to supervise the construction of a new project when he meets a fiery Mexican beauty (Salma Hayek). It's lust at first sight, and their one-night stand takes an unexpected turn when she shows up three months later to announce that she's pregnant. They're determined to do right for each other, so they get married in a Vegas chapel with an Elvis impersonator as their witness. Then comes the hard part--trying to figure out if they're actually compatible. The plot complications are mostly familiar, but Perry and Hayek throw some bright sparks as their initial bliss turns to more realistic concerns for family and future. Along the way there's some sharp dialogue and a few good laughs to give this all-too-human comedy an enjoyable spin. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Matthew PerryAlex Whitman
Salma HayekIsabel Fuentes Whitman
Jon TenneyJeff
Carlos GómezChuy
Tomas MilianTomas Fuentes
Siobhan FallonLanie
John Bennett PerryRichard Whitman
Stanley DesantisJudd Marshall
Suzanne SnyderCathy Stewart
Anne BetancourtAmalia
Jill ClayburghNan Whitman

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