: : : Fletch Lives
===Story=== Before his movie career completely tanked, Chevy Chase made one of the few films that gave him a chance to display his comic versatility: 1985's ''Fletch'', the Michael Ritchie-directed comedy about an investigative reporter who specializes in going undercover on big stories. Lightning, however, didn't strike twice when Ritchie and Chase went back to Gregory MacDonald's novels for a second helping. This sequel features Chase once again as Fletch, super-reporter, who heads from L.A. to the South, where he supposedly has inherited an estate. Before long, he's become involved in a murder plot and is trying to stay out of the killer's sights himself. The material is considerably weaker, revealing Chase's shortcomings as an ad lib comic. ''--Marshall Fine'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Chevy ChaseIrwin 'Fletch' Fletcher
Hal HolbrookHamilton "Ham" Johnson
Julianne PhillipsBecky Culpepper
R. Lee ErmeyJimmy Lee Farnsworth
Richard LibertiniFrank Walker
Randall 'Tex' CobbBen Dover
Cleavon LittleCalculus Entropy
George WynerMarvin Gillet
Patricia KalemberAmanda Ray Ross
Richard BelzerPhil
Phil HartmanBly Manager
Dennis BurkleyJoe Jack

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