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Advent Children
Oct 27, 2004 By: Krunal
This is a translation of the official site, for people that cannot read japanese.
Sep 14, 2004 By: Terminal
One of the biggest websites for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This website provides avatars, character information, movies, scans, screens, and much more! Check it out if you ever need more information about this movie!
Feb 06, 2005 By: Terminal
FF Future
May 30, 2005 By: Miss Razz
Sep 14, 2004 By: Terminal
Jun 27, 2005 By: Miss Razz
Final Fantasy Advent Children - Turkiye
Jul 10, 2005 By: Miss Razz
RPG Oblivion - Advent Children
Apr 28, 2006 By: teodortenchev