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I'm not a massive FF7 fan, I did play it a long time ago but I never finished it and I had no idea what the story was about. However the reason why I got FF Advent Children is because I'm very much interested in CGI and Animation and this movie intrigued me. So if you're a massive FF7 who knows everything about it then you're probably better off skipping this review, however if you'd like to see the opinion from an average guy just watching a movie then read on.

As you probably know Advent Children is a CGI movie. But it's not like Shrek or The Incredibles. It's a completely new type of media which truly is stunning to watch. It's based 2 years after the events in FF7 on the PS1.
I'm not going to go on too much about the story as I'm not in the know about it. Which is also why I won't be grading the film based on the story as I'm sure it makes perfect sense to the FF fans.

The movie starts off a bit slow for my liking and some scenes are just not needed in my opinion. However it picks up greatly half way through. Think of Advent Children as the Matrix of today. Complicated but a thrill to watch. The whole movie is a real threat for the eyes. Stunning visuals in every scene including the characters. Although the real beauty lies in the backgrounds. I spent most of the movie with an open jaw as I sat in amazement at the backgrounds. Every detail is stunning. Massive landscapes and gorgous arcitecture is what really steals the show.
The characters are well rendered but not an par with Spirits Within. Then again that is because the creators purposly wanted to not have the characters look too real as they wanted to stay true to the game.

The fight scenes are over the top. Characters can jump 100s of meters in the air and stay airbourne for ages...that's not a bad thing though. This is an animation after all. If they wanted it too look realistic they would've just used Live Action instead. It's a welcome change from the normal fights we see these days. The fights are indeed incredible and the scene where Bahemoth makes an appearance is truly astounding.

Overal this is a new leap forward in terms of movies. We are no longer restricted in terms of technology. Instead we are restricted by our imagination.
The Matrix revolutionized Live Action and Advent Children revolutionized CGI movies. A feast for the eyes that's not to be missed by any true movie fan.

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