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Two years have passed since the story of Final Fantasy VII. Midgar has been reduced into ruins and its people are suffering from a mysterious illness. There isn't any cure, and it brings death to those who are effected by it. Cloud is alone and he has been living with the orphans. He feels guilt of what he has done over the past couple of years. Then, one day, Cloud receives a phone call asking for help in defeating a man named Kadaj. Kadaj, a mysterious being, and the rest of his gang seek their "Mother". Soon, they prey on the orphans living with Cloud. Faced with the conflict and remembering an old friend's word, Cloud decides to stop Kadaj. And so... the battle begins.

DVD Features

Disk One: Feature Film

Disk One: Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII (Story Digest)

Disk Two: Distance: The Making of Advent Children

Disk Two: Venice Film Festival Footage

Disk Two: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: Trailers

Disk Two: Sneak Peek of Upcoming Final Fantasy VII Games

Disk Two: Deleted Scenes


Steve BurtonCloud Strife (English voice)
Rachael Leigh CookTifa Lockhart (English voice)
Mena SuvariAerith Gainsborough (English voice)
Beau BillingsleaBarret Wallace (English voice)
Steve BlumVincent Valentine (English voice)
Chris EdgerlyCid Highwind (English voice)
Christy Carlson RomanoYuffie Kisaragi (English voice)
Liam O'BrienRed XIII (English voice)
Greg EllisCait Sith (English voice)
George NewbernSephiroth (English voice)
Steve StaleyKadaj (English voice)
Dave WittenbergYazoo (English voice)
Fred TatascioreLoz (English voice)
Wally WingertRufus Shinra (English voice)
Quinton FlynnReno (English voice)
Crispin FreemanRude (English voice)
Ryun YuTseng (English voice)
Bettina BushElena (English voice)
Benjamin BryanDenzel (English voice)
Grace RolekMarlene Wallace (English voice)
Jamieson PriceReeve Tuesti (English voice)
Rick GomezZack (English voice)
Andrea BowenGirl with Moogle doll (English voice)
Axel AlbaAdditional Voices (English voice)
Shane BaumelAdditional Voices (English voice)
Abigail MavityAdditional Voices (English voice)
Abigail MavityAdditional Voices (English voice)
Mary Matilyn MouserAdditional Voices (English voice)
Michelle RuffAdditional Voices (English voice)
Takahiro SakuraiCloud Strife (Japanese voice)
Ayumi ItoTifa Lockhart (Japanese voice)
Maaya SakamotoAerith Gainsborough (Japanese voice)
Masahiro KobayashiBarret Wallace (Japanese voice)
Shogo SuzukiVincent Valentine (Japanese voice)
Kazuyuki YamaCid Highwind (Japanese voice)
Yumi KakazuYuffie Kisaragi (Japanese voice)
Masachika IchimuraRed XIII (Japanese voice)
Hideo IshikawaCait Sith (Japanese voice)
Toshiyuki MorikawaSephiroth (Japanese voice)
Shotaro MorikuboKadaj (Japanese voice)
Yûji KishiYazoo (Japanese voice)
Kenji NomuraLoz (Japanese voice)
Tôru ÔkawaRufus Shinra (Japanese voice)
Keiji FujiwaraReno (Japanese voice)
Taiten KusunokiRude (Japanese voice)
Junichi SuwabeTseng (Japanese voice)
Megumi ToyoguchiElena (Japanese voice)
Kyosuke IkedaDenzel (Japanese voice)
Miyuu TsuzuharaMarlene Wallace (Japanese voice)
Banjô GingaReeve Tuesti (Japanese voice)
Kenichi SuzumuraZack (Japanese voice)

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very good animated movie, and full of action and comedy. good for the soul too FinalFantasy7AdventChildren
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Amazing movie! I recommend this movie to ANYONE! A must-see! :D FinalFantasy7AdventChildren
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