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FF: The Spirits Within Review


Well, it must first be noted I am a huge fan of the FF series. So when it was announced that we would have a movie based off the series I was very excited. However, that excitement quickly turned to disappointment when me and my gaming friends ditched school to see the premiere of this movie. What we were expecting was a great FF story, classic FF aspects and familiar characters. What we got was a Sci-Fi story nothing like what we expected.

The story is about creatures that have attacked the planet of Gaia forcing the those of the planet to fight for their very lives. The story isn't bad but...



The good:

The computer graphics were absolutely astonishing.

The bad:

The story, the cast of characters, the humuor, and whatever else there is in this movie.


I mean Good Lord! How badly did Square want you to fall asleep through this turd? Everything that is done in the movie, is portrayed in a very boring, dull, and cruddy way. Considering that this was supposed to be an action movie, why was I never excited, or get my adrenaline going? Why, you ask? I'll tell you why. Because there wasn't barely any action at all in this movie, and it was very predictable. I even guessed who would get killed, (I was right) and what the monsters really were before they said so in the movie. (I was right again.) The only people who would really, truly like this ...