Final Destination 2 review
Nice story, death scenes


The movie begins with Kimberly Corman having a premonition of a horrifying accident on the highway. The director did a good job of staging an intense action sequence, but from that point on Final Destination 2 loses most of its steam. Kimberly refuses to get on the freeway, pissing off everybody on the on-ramp behind her. They aren't pissed after the accident occurs. After this, everybody goes their respective ways and the deaths begin in earnest. Kimberly remembers the events of the first movie, and tracks down Clear Rivers, the only survivor. Rivers is holed up voluntarily in a mental institution, and eventually decides to help. The rest of the movie is a bunch of mostly nameless attractive actors running around trying to stay alive.

The deaths are the only point in watching Final Destination 2. Everybody knows that the majority of the nameless cast will suffer some horrible death, it is only a matter of how and when. To their credit, Gruber, Bress, and Reddick come up with some pretty inventive ways. They have a sense of humor and also throw out a bunch of red herrings, to keep viewers guessing as to when people will actually die. However, every time Larter and Cook speak, Final Destination 2 slows to a crawl. The filmmakers obviously know they have a franchise on their hands, and part of their duty is to expand on the prior movie in order to pave the way for more sequels. Still, with every repetition of the phrase "Death's design," Rivers and Corman look increasingly ridiculous. There is very little going on upstairs in this movie, but it is enjoyable on its own terms.

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