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===Story=== ''Final Destination 2'' begins with a well-orchestrated multicar pileup on a freeway--a horrifying accident that turns out to be a premonition, as seen by a young woman (A.J. Cook) who saves herself and several other people by blocking a freeway on-ramp. Thus, as in the first ''Final Destination'', a prescient vision disrupts the destined plans of death, and death goes to extreme lengths to correct matters. What makes ''Final Destination 2'' entertaining is that the characters can only survive by learning to recognize the signs of impending doom--and the signs are basically the cinematic foreshadowing that moviemakers use to invoke suspense. This, combined with some elaborately complicated and gruesome deaths, fosters a ghoulish humor that's more entertaining than the smirky self-referentiality of ''Scream''. ''Final Destination 2'' doesn't aspire to be a great movie, but trash has its pleasures. Also featuring Ali Larter as the only survivor of the first movie. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Widescreen *Dolby *DTS Surround Sound


A.J. CookKimberly Corman
Michael LandesThomas Burke
Ali LarterClear Rivers
Jonathan CherryRory
Keegan Connor TracyKat
Terrence 'T.C.' CarsonEugene Dix
Lynda BoydNora Carpenter
James KirkTim Carpenter
David PaetkauEvan Lewis
Justina MachadoIsabella Hudson
Sarah CarterShaina
Alejandro RaeDano
Shaun SiposFrankie
Andrew AirlieMr. Corman
Tony ToddMr. Bludworth

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The movie begins with Kimberly Corman having a premonition of a horrifying accident on...

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