: : : Fate / Stay Night: Volume 6 - The Holy Grail

Fate / Stay Night: Volume 6 - The Holy Grail

===Story=== The mysterious eighth Servant attacks, seeking to dominate Saber in order to claim her as his own. How will Shirou protect her? If they should ever win and obtain the Grail, Shirou and Saber would still have to choose between their own conflicted feelings and their self-imposed obligations, but will they even have that chance? Meanwhile, another figure lurks in the shadows biding his time for when he can once again make an attempt for the elusive grail! ===DVD Features=== • Saber Music Clip • Archer Music Clip


Sam RegalShirou Emiya
Kate HigginsSaber
Mela LeeRin Tohsaka
Liam O'BrienArcher
Sherry LynnSakura Matou
Julie Ann TaylorTaiga Fujimura
Taylor HenryKirei Kotomine
Tony OliverLancer
Jennifer SekiguchiIllyasviel von Einzbern
Michael McConnohieBerserker
Doug ErholtzShinji Matou
Karen StrassmanRider
Patrick SeitzSouichirou Kuzuki
Tara PlattCaster
David VincentAssassin

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